Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello everyone! I meant to have this up yesterday but the internet was being finicky and I am currently sick and did not have the energy to drive anywhere with WiFi.

So, I have some news...in an attempt to organize my shop even more (online AND here at my apartment) I am having a....SALE!!

So...enjoy the sale! Hopefully I'll be able to clear out enough stuff to make room for the new. I have so much stuff to add, and I just don't want it to seem cluttered.

Anyways, how is everyone's New Year going? Mine is going well, even though I'm sick at the moment and still unemployed...-sigh- I'm sure that will change soon enough. I hope all is well in your worlds!

Justin just made a wise crack at me for being lazy because I am a sick mess right now. Lets see how well he does in the mornings before he has to go to work if I DON'T get up an hour and a half before him to make coffee, do dishes, feed the cats and dog, and make him breakfast. Lets just see.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

So This Is The New Year

And I don't feel any different...

Well, actually I do. I was just quoting Death Cab for Cutie. Anyways!

It's the third day of 2013 (though I will most likely be writing 2012 by accident for the next month) and I do feel a little different. Maybe it's because we all survived the December 21 apocalypse.

I stayed in for New Years, drank wine, and lit off sparklers from the back porch. Fireworks are illegal in North Carolina, but I'm so close to South Carolina I was able to see them in the distance from Lake Wylie. I felt so old because I was tired by nine and had to force myself to stay up to midnight.

Then it hit me, I'm going to be 24 this year.


It's just like...weird to me.

I'm currently trying to get my apartment organized. However, I did have a job interview yesterday and if I get it I'll be relocating anyway. It's still in Charlotte, but that's okay. I have a really good feeling about the job. I don't want to say too much yet, but I felt really welcome and comfortable in the office. The job itself seems really cool and interesting. The man I interviewed with was very kind and also had shared interests with me, such as playing guitar. It's always nice to talk about stuff that isn't the position at a job interview.

I haven't come up with resolutions yet. I know, I'm awful. And lazy. Well I do have one: Get healthier. I have a couple bad habits I need to break. I need to eat better and start working out. I think if I can come up with a plan, and stick to it, I'll be okay.

Does anyone else have resolutions they want to share?

I leave you with this photo of me from when I was seventeen and living in Illinois:

And this photo I took/manipulated in photoshop from that same day:

And this photo I didn't take and don't know the source:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years!

Mine was great. Just stayed in, lit off sparklers, watched Archer, and drank wine. Low key and safe!

What did you do?

No one bought the skirt and slip combo, but they are both still up in my shop as separate items! Now, I don't know much yet, but I think I feel a sale coming on...

After a night of welcoming in the new year, today I clean the apartment and prepare for my job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!