Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello everyone! I meant to have this up yesterday but the internet was being finicky and I am currently sick and did not have the energy to drive anywhere with WiFi.

So, I have some news...in an attempt to organize my shop even more (online AND here at my apartment) I am having a....SALE!!

So...enjoy the sale! Hopefully I'll be able to clear out enough stuff to make room for the new. I have so much stuff to add, and I just don't want it to seem cluttered.

Anyways, how is everyone's New Year going? Mine is going well, even though I'm sick at the moment and still unemployed...-sigh- I'm sure that will change soon enough. I hope all is well in your worlds!

Justin just made a wise crack at me for being lazy because I am a sick mess right now. Lets see how well he does in the mornings before he has to go to work if I DON'T get up an hour and a half before him to make coffee, do dishes, feed the cats and dog, and make him breakfast. Lets just see.



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