Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Short Hiatus

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed (those of you who read this blog), I have not been updating at all. I honestly don't even have the patience to write this post, as my computer is part of the problem. I am in my last quarter at college, so my time is spent working on my portfolio. I barely have time to blink. I don't have a working car at the moment, my computer refuses to listen to anything I need to do, and the overall frustration is incredibly overwhelming.

My only goal is to graduate and start a new life. I'm quite sick of the one I'm living now and I'm ready to start a new one. My shop will still be up but I will most likely stop blogging and adding to it for a while. I can't blog much anyway because my computer has about a thirty second delay on anything I type, which is, as you can imagine, incredibly frustrating and is making me quite homicidal.

Expect my return in a few months. Until then, wish me luck on finishing the phase of my life that has been inhibiting me from reaching any potential I may have.

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