Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exciting News and also, I'm Back!

Dress from ModCloth
Photos Courtesy of Joshua Nagy at Alter Frame Productions

What's that? Who is that? Is that me at the 2012 Portfolio Show? Is that me graduating from college? Why yes it is!

That's right. My hiatus paid off. Four years of hell and hard work, and I have a Bachelor's degree of Graphic Design to show for it. It has been one hell of a ride but it's over. I can finally begin a new chapter of my life.

That is me and my dad! After the Portfolio Show, my parents took me to my favorite restaurant, The Wine Shoppe. It was a wonderful day and night. Aside from the gift of graduating and my parents coming to see me, my friend Julia gave me something very special. One of my best friends, Landon Hill, passed away last Thanksgiving. Though I have pulled through the tragedy, I think about him every single day. He had been writing an autobiography before his death, and Julia gave me a copy of the parts that she had saved from his emails. His cheeky, clever words will be coveted by me forever :)

Now, onwards to the next part! My hiatus is over and I will be blogging and returning to my Etsy shop. As of now I only have two items to list, because my life was hectic up until a day ago. However, I will be posting these two items in my shop today!This 1980's button down red polka dot dress reminds me of a grown up Minnie Mouse, and I love it! It's super comfortable too, and somehow slipped through the 80s shoulder pad trend.

More 1980s!I love this oversized blouse. It has an eyelet print, but is not real eyelet unfortunately. Very comfortable and casual (also no shoulder pads!)
So these will be in the shop today! Coming up, more adventures in learning to sew and maybe some other things!

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