Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Suddenly, 50 Degrees!

Well Charlotte took a turn towards Fall/Winter...months of sweltering weather gave way to me needing scarves, boots, and coats. I'm not complaining in the slightest - This is my favorite weather. I guess I'm high maintenance and prefer a gradual change instead of, "HEY, HI IT'S ME FALL!!"

I guess I'm a bit old fashioned...but hey, it was literally overnight. I had barely any time to switch my closet to Fall/Winter clothes. The Carolinas are finicky I guess.

So, I have a shop update for you! Yay! Shop update!


First up is a 1960s Sears brand top. It's super comfortable. I kind of don't want to sell it but alas, I must!


This late 80s early 90s number is super interesting. Personally, I hate turtlenecks but, I did really like this print. It also has little beads sewn in over the lines!


Now this one I'm pretty sure is a mens but...we're going to call it unisex. It has some holes and such but I couldn't pass up how "70s Varsity" it was.


1960s house robe. That is really all I think I need to say here. I mean, just look at it. Look at the GLORY!!


This is a vintage men's shirt from the Fox Collection!


These beauties will make you feel amazing. I know, because I tried them on. There is a tiny flaw to them as well; the insole is a bit detached and the stitching on the right instep is a bit undone.

So these are up in the shop right now! Super exciting.

Life as a college graduate is difficult in that I'm having trouble finding a real job...I may just go down the the cupcake place near my apartment and see if I can work there until I find a big girl job.

How is everyone doing?

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