Thursday, April 12, 2012


I suppose it was weird of me to restart this hobby/something I want to turn into a serious lifestyle and then drop off the face of the planet...

I've just moved into a new apartment and haven't had internet or much time to get organized, since classes started back up two days after the move. As a senior in college, I have been quite busy.

But that isn't the end of all things! I have dreams and goals I fully intend to achieve. I figure a good second post is to talk about my goals in a little more detail.

1. Learn to sew. I really want to learn how to sew my own clothes. It is something I've always thought about, and I have my mothers sewing machine gathering dust in my closet. I love fabrics and the idea of bringing vintage patterns back to life. I believe I can do it :) Does anyone who may possibly be reading this have any tips or advice?

2. Be way more proactive on my Etsy shop. I've already revamped the name and look. I have a suitcase FULL of things that need to be put up!

3. Make better, healthier choices. I actually eat pretty well, but I need to stop certain habits.

4.  Hopefully, if all goes according to plan and I do finish school in September, the only time I will return to Charlotte will be for the graduation ceremony in December. I have a couple choices about where to go, but I cannot wait to leave this city and find out where I belong.

5. Travel. If I don't soon I'll explode.

6. Get my apartment in order!!

There. I think it's a good list of long term and short term goals. Obviously once the apartment is in order (by the time that happens I'll probably be moving again =P) things will be easier.

So...thats all for now :)

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