Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Etsy Update!

So, I finally got photos taken of some of my new additions to my shop! I'm really excited because I rarely ever have shirts to post.

Today was a crazy day...Long story short, I had to go to Urgent Care (I'm not sick, just...yeah there was a really good reason) which turned into a whole two hour ordeal, but it ended in my friend Justin finding a little hidden sushi place which is my new favorite!

So anyway, we came back and I got him to take some photos for me.

These two shirts are 1970s rayon pretties! The black one was so hard to fit over my head though...

This is a 1960s shirt/overshirt. It's a bit big on me but I think its adorable!

I wanted to show the detail on this pretty piece...I love the diamond print and the brown buttons!

So these are the three shirts. I'm kind of scared to post the first on Etsy because I didn't realize that my bra was poking out above my tank top in this one photo we took of the back...eek! But its the only one of the back... -blush-

Yay Justin! Everyone thank Justin for helping me out today!

These will be up on Etsy later tonight!

Coming up, more clothes and hopefully a review of The Sleepy Poet, one of the best antique malls in Charlotte!

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