Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shop Update For A Rainy Day

I'm happy to announce new additions to my shop! These pieces will be up tonight. Even though the weather is dreary, I managed to get some photos.

Early 90s Late 80s KZK floral crop shirt!

1960s Miss Kalico purple boat neck sweater!

This crazy white shirt from the 60s! I felt like a genie wearing it. I suspect it is handmade because there is no tag and the sewing seems a bit...not manufactured.

My first men's product! An Andhurst plaid shirt from the 70s.

And this lovely late 80s floral dress from Sarin New York.

These will all be posted tonight. I was going to post this pair of shoes I have, but I'm having some trouble letting them go :(

Anyways, I need to get some homework done (who works before play anymore? Seriously) so I'm going to do that before listing these pretties.

Much love!

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