Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Stuff

Since summer seems to have officially hit Charlotte (heat and thunderstorms), I have started looking for summery pieces!

Though I only have two for now, I assure you there shall be more!

Vintage Dawn Joy light, summery tank top. It zips up the side and is super comfortable. It does bunch around the zipper a little at times but that's forgivable. Also, do not wear with high waist pants. Trust me.

And this is the prettiest vintage DBY dress ever. I'm sad to let it go but my closet is bursting with summer dresses, I'd be a glutton. Those shoes are from ModCloth, by the way.

I had another dress for summer but I need to find a tall thin girl to model it, because my frame (short and a little too curvy) doesn't really cut it haha.

So, anyway, these are going into the shop later tonight (I'm at my "real" job right now). Hopefully I'll be able to get everything before summer officially starts. Does anyone have summer plans yet? I honestly don't know what I'll be doing. I wanted to go on a road trip but I absolutely do not have the funds for it. It's my last summer vacation ever. That is a little weird to think about. I need to do something amazing, right? I really should.


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