Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vintage Collection Summer 2013

Here it is! Finally: my 2013 vintage summer collection is here! I'm really excited about these pretty pieces, and to share them with you! I'm just going to jump right into it:

My first piece is a 1980s yellow floral handmade sundress. It had a cut-out back and zipper along with a sash.

Next is a 1970s teal sundress. I'm unsure of the material. It zips up the back as well.

A BEAUTIFUL 1970s handmade pink gown, wonderful for a summer wedding!

Next is a 1970s handmade blue floral skirt, button down with pockets!

A 1990s button down floral skirt!

1990s Pleated skirt!

1960s Yellow Gingham apron with chicken cross stitch

And there we have it! I hope you enjoy these, they are all up in my shop right now!!

Please have a safe and wonderful memorial day weekend! Justin and I are going to a cookout down the road. I'm trying to decide what to wear. Pink Gingham sundress? Beige floral sundress? Any of my massive collection of sundresses? :)

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