Saturday, December 1, 2012


Oh Lord, I have not blogged in a long time.

This is not due to me being lazy. Justin got a job so having photos taken is a wee bit more difficult. Also, no more internet at my apartment. And my camera is mainly broken. I'm a tiny bit limited on where to go for free WiFi. The only reason I'm online now is because I am in Chicago, visting my sister and her fiance! Unfortunately all I have are iPhone photos, but it's okay.

It's been a while since I had been in Chicago, having used to live an hour and a half away by train before I came back to the Carolinas. I forgot how different they are. Not in a bad way, just as a different way.

Their apartment is in a building that was built in the 1890s. They have wood floors and vintage doors/doorknobs and an exposed brick wall in the kitchen. I, personally, absolutely love it (except the awkward bathroom, I'd change that around a bit) but they don't seem to like it much.


That's the back porch. I love it. The stairs are insane though!

I got in Thursday evening and we went and got Thai food from downstairs (they live above a Thai restaurant, a grocer, a coffee shop, and convenience store. I'd become a complete and total recluse omg) my sister Cat and I had wayyy too much wine! No regrets...

Yesterday Chris had to work so Cat and I went down to Clark and Halstead, which is basically hipster central. If you're reading this from Charlotte, imagine Central Ave, but about 300 times bigger. We went to a store called Rag Stock, which I had been to before, that I wanted pretty much everything. Peplum dresses, gauzy shirts with collars, flower pants... you name it. I can't pull off floral pants until I lose about 15 more pounds.

We went to The Chicago Diner after that, a 100% vegan restaurant (meat free since '83!). We shared a vegan Reuben, vegan mac and cheese, and sweet potato fries. I decided I would either move across the street, kill myself, or kill the chef. It was way too delicious to ever be shared or be too far from.


I mean just look at that. I love my meat and cheese but once in a while...damn. A good vegan meal will make me very, very happy.

We walked home and after Chris got back we went to Spencer's Jolly Posh Foods, a tiny little British food store I absolutely fell in love with. Chris got super excited when he found out they had back bacon. I just loved it all, especially the owner, who had his adorable little baby with him.

Chris then decided to make the most amazing meal ever. Asparagus soup in boule with smoked bangers. Please excuse my language, but holy. shit.


I mean just look at it. I actually got really sad because I was so full I couldn't finish it.


That's Karma, their crazy German Shepherd.

And these were the past two mornings:


Today we are hopping all around the city, ending with a trip to Christkindlmarket! I hope to have more to blog soon!

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