Thursday, December 20, 2012

So Will The World End Tomorrow?

It's raining pretty hard here in Charlotte. Fitting, ominous weather for the prospective end of the world.

Personally I don't think it's going to end. I mean we had Y2k, "the rapture', and lots of other doomsday threats. If it does end, well at least I was able to accomplish one thing.

Remember my post about Portfolio Show and being done with college? Well, a few days ago I actually graduated. Cap and gown, diploma, the whole shebang.



Please excuse my dirty mirror and hairspray.

photo (1)

Also excuse my messy apartment. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to play a banjo. But, I really enjoy that in order to get confirmation of my education, we are forced to wear robes and a silly hat.
photo (7)These would be the wonderful graphic designers I spent four years with, minus a few who decided not to walk. The pretty lady standing behind me in the black dress is Erin. She's probably one of my closest girl friends. The kid in the front, with the glasses, got like every single honor and award possible. Graphic Design wizard, yo.

photo (4)



photo (3)


I got to wear a white thing cause I got a Bachelor's degree.

photo (6)

Mom and dad drove all the way up from Pickens to come see me :) Unfortunately my siblings couldn't make it, but they congratulated me.

photo (5)


My and my mommy :)

photo (8) photo (2)


Sorry they're sideways. I didn't feel like going into Photoshop to flip them. But, behold my diploma! Yeah. I'm awesome. After we went to a restaurant called Halcyon. All the ingredients are local and organic. We got a bottle of white wine, a cheese platter, and then my dad had something crazy and I split a burger with my mom. It was delicious but I was scared the burger wasn't cooked because it was SO red in the middle. But I ate it because it was awesome and did not get sick. Justin had scallops.

I didn't get the job in Nashville :( but it's okay. We finally have internet here and I can continue looking while Justin works. We're thinking about looking for a house in the Fort Mill/Rock Hill area.

Unfortunately, he's sick right now and I'm trying to nurse him back to health with soup and tea. I can hear him coughing from out here :( Poor boy. Well, until I get photos of my newest vintage products, that's really it for now. Hopefully the world will still be intact.


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