Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Leaving Nashville

Well...I only stayed one night here but I have to say, I've been enchanted.

Everyone is so nice here! That's not something you find much in Charlotte. The air seems cleaner, and even though it's cold it's a natural kind of cold. In Charlotte when it gets cold, people freak out. Here, life just moves along the way it should.

I think I did really well on my interview yesterday, and the kind lady I spoke to said she would try to get back to be before I left (which is only a few short hours away...I'm tempted to "accidentally" miss my flight =P ).

This is what I wore to the interview. Sorry it's blurry


Dress from Modcloth
Black tights from Target (Not shown)
Black wedge heels from Rack Room Shoes (Not shown)

Would you hire me? I'd hire me!

Well...I gotta finish getting ready here and then bum a ride from the free shuttle back to the airport. -sigh-

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